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Mozilla: Humans of the Internet

Mozilla Festival 2017

Mozilla - Humans of the Internet

Working with a creative partner (, we pitched a concept idea to Mozilla StoryEngine for their space at the 2017 MozFest, the aim was to bring awareness about their space at the festival and increase the number of interviews recorded. We won the pitch and organised all aspects of the project, from building the physical space to hiring an illustrator. We worked alongside a tech team that recorded the interviews. The interviews can be found HERE



Creating the Humans

Some physical labour was required for this project, and we got down to cutting out 1.6 metre tall wood humans that were used for the booth.


Marketing + Wayfinding

Sticking to the identity of Humans of the Internet, we used the laser cutter and acrylic to create physical pieces of marketing material, they were also used as way finding around the building. 


The booths all set up with the Humans, ready for the interviews to be conducted through out the weekend.


The laser cut humans were placed around the building, inviting people to come to the space on Level 4 to be interviewed and get their avatar made.


Each person who was interviewed got their individual and unique avatar made, their interview was recorded by the tech team and put onto a USB, which were available for people to listen.


The project was a huge success, we doubled the amount of interviews than what was expected, and people were lining up all weekend to get their avatar made.