Report an Immigrant


Report an Immigrant

Recent history has proved that, for many of us, immigration is the issue we are most concerned with. It is also the issue that many of us least understand. During a 5 day workshop hosted by ACNE and Deloitte, we were asked to use creativity to address this problem. The aim of the brief was not to promote immigration, but to help people understand the reality of its existence. This project was a collaboration between Lidia Santos, Joyce Sissi, and myself.


Report an Immigrant is a campaign which aims to tackle the perception of immigration as a threat to British culture. Symbolised by a hotline, the project uncovers real opinions of people throughout the country. These opinions are then exposed in order to spark a debate about the issue. We wanted to play on the irrational fear that some people have towards immigrants, and dramatise this through a reporting service, which seems extreme and almost ridiculous.

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The campaign will be launched by guerrilla style stickers that show the shocking message “Report an Immigrant Today”. By using stickers we can reach a large audience, however by using billboards and newspaper ads we can localise the target audience a bit more. The campaign will be launched without any prior explanation, which adds to the shock factor and controversy.


When people call the hotline number they are greeted with a message prompting them to decide who they want to ‘report’, they are then able to leave their own message.


The second phase of the campaign will be a continuation that exposes the messages that have been said on the hotline, followed by copy that comments on the shocking nature on some of the statements. The viewer is then prompted to go to the website to find out more about the side of the immigration debate they’re not hearing.

The website will cumulate all the statements that have been recorded, but negative and positive. The debate that is generated through this campaign is what makes it unique, we’re not pushing an opinion onto people, but sparking an important conversation between people, as well as media.