Gucci Monochrome 
The Auction

Role: Art Director

A reimagining of the elitist auction house establishment through the eyes and works of young artists becomes a backdrop for the Gucci Monochrome sneaker collection through playful storytelling. A campaign heroing the B&W collection as well as three young artists from London who reimagined their art in monochrome as they are auctioned off to a hungry crowd by auctioneer Raven Smith.

Associate Creative Director
Maude Churchill
Creative/Art Director
Lilli Conreen/Vilde Tobiassen
Jack Busters
Samantha King
Stills Credits
Produced by @sarahaliaslaity @joemaskall
Photographer: @jackbusterstudio
Assistant: @daikitaji
Digi Op: @neilsbennett
Stylist: @ellaluciaa
Styling assistants: @andreakading @tequiloneal
Hair stylist: @christophergatthair
MUA: @laurenfreynolds
Set design: @terrysetdesign
Account Manager: @maddyconlay
Film Credits:
Director @spam__jam
DOP @jackch_
Stylist @ellaluciaa
Set Designer @terrysetdesign
Make-up Artist @laurenfreynolds
Hair @christophergatthair
Sound Designer @zacharias.wolfe
Sound Designer @hildeninlinnea
Colour Grading @m.y.l.e.s
Editor @beatrixblaise
Auctioneer @raven__smith @keepagency
Artists @navindernangla @elspethvince & @shakka.d.badmon
1st AD @ellxcxa
Gaffer @alex_lamph
Spark @almagill & @tamas.m.szabo
Sound Op @lav_it_audio
AC @orlandoomahoney
2nd AC @richrd.nj
Steadicam | Trinity Op @steadi_balls
Photo Assistant @daikitaji
Digital Technician @neilsbennett
Set Design Assistants @max.stranger22 @veritycox222 @charliemoonfox @elenarendinastudio @ryfrancis
Styling Assistants @andreakading & @tequiloneal
Extras @nnic.official @precious.ose @abdulbasitimran @matchmontana @a.v_artistry @sabenasattar @hollymilk @martinfbates @service.bae @johnfoleyperfumes @hrhprincessjulia
@sjun.ashfordb @bitchchild @jshrv_ @kenzie_allison @mirebeco