eBay Sneakers Authenticity Guarantee

Role: Creative 
Responsibilities: Ideation, Design Exploration  

I worked on this project as part of the HYPEMAKER team. eBay approached HYPEMAKER asking to help launch their new authenticity guarantee for sneakers. Our approach was to create a 360º campaign focusing on the human side of reselling, establishing eBay’s place as the original marketplace, created by real people. My role included working on the initial pitch, which won us the biggest value signed deal for HYPEMAKER. I worked on creative exploration and design exploration in the pre-production phase, briefing in freelance designers for necessary work. I worked on concept creation for an activation which was a mobile sneaker authenticator, bringing the authentication service to sneakerheads all around the country.

Creative Strategist
Nova/Marianna Mukhametzyanova
Creative Director
Whitney Conti

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